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Farmer Florists – How to create your most profitable season yet

Amy Balsters, The Floral Coach®, Farmer Florists - How to create your most profitable season yet

For so many in the floral industry, winter is the time of slowing down, catching up on monster to-do lists, and (hopefully) getting a vacation in. For farmers, however, the work never ends and before winter is over, seed starting has already begun! It’s a juggling act all year of planning, preparation, and execution, over and over. If you grow, you are my hero! 

As you buy your seeds, plan your plots, and strategize your season, there are abundant opportunities for creating your most profitable season yet.

Amy Balsters, The Floral Coach®, Farmer Florists - How to create your most profitable season yet

When I first created Bouquet Bootcamp®, my comprehensive online bouquet class, some of the most positive and surprising feedback I received was from farmer florists. Their feedback introduced me to hidden value in the content; angles and insights that I hadn’t fully considered as I built the course, it was such a delight to hear the impact it had!

For example, if you are a flower farmer, and your profit is derived from:

  • Supplying florists with the products they want to use to design.
  • Outfitting wholesalers with products that will sell.
  • Designing market bouquets, managing subscriptions, a la carte weddings, or full-service wedding flowers.

These revenue streams require specific skill sets and well-selected blooms to get those offerings right!

I realized quickly that Bouquet Bootcamp® supported the many ways that farmer florists and growers make money! Farmer florists were able to draw the information they needed to know about what types of crops they should plant, what types of flowers they should harvest, and how color and design theory affect how they use what they yield.

Amy Balsters, The Floral Coach®, Farmer Florists - How to create your most profitable season yet

The course also delivers my unique approach to a tried-and-true concept, The Spiral Technique. This technique is not only speedy as heck, but it also creates beautiful bouquets using fewer products and works wonderfully for busy market days and wedding season.

Want to see what I mean? Check out this feedback from just a handful of farmer-florists who took the Bouquet Bootcamp course!

“The challenge is being a grower and having a ton of flowers at my fingertips. They do not all go together, and creating harmony and unity in a bouquet with colors and shapes was a huge “AHA” moment for me.”

“I (now) plan for and see relationships between the flowers in terms of colors, sizes, and textures. I work faster. I can easily vary the shape and size of bouquets and I don’t bury flowers…

“Bouquet making was time consuming, stressful, a struggle and often involved a borderline emotional breakdown at 4am. Bouquet making is totally different now! I feel like I have a roadmap and actual principles to guide me. It’s like Amy is sitting on my shoulder, helping me along…”

After seeing the impact Bouquet Bootcamp® had made, I determined it was important to get this useful content to as many growers and farmer-florists as I could. So I’ve paired down the course to its most succinct, yet relevant program, Bouquet Essentials, a course that will teach you how to:

  • Prepare your stems for design, which helps efficiency and lessens breakage/loss, and prevents over-stuffing.
  • Create well-designed, stunning, customer-approved bouquets with less product, whether it’s a market wrap or bridal bouquet. 
  • Produce bouquets with great speed, efficiency, and with greater profit margins, without compromising attractiveness or customer satisfaction. 
  • Have the design confidence to improve (or even introduce new) revenue streams such as a la carte weddings, subscriptions, and more.
  • Learn a widely applicable, well-respected design technique, The Spiral Bouquet, with my unique and approachable step-by-step method and approach. No more late-night Youtube needed, I break it ALL down for you! 

And all this in just 90 minutes, and for a fraction of the price of my complete course to get you started on the right foot, right away!

Amy Balsters, The Floral Coach®, Farmer Florists - How to create your most profitable season yet

So, as you are in the midst of a busy planning season, consider investing in your greatest asset: yourself! And to remove any worry or doubt, you can buy the course and use it for thirty days and get a full refund before the end of that period if it’s not the right fit for you. 

So, grab Bouquet Essentials to help you build the foundations of good and efficient design, help you earn more money in your business, and put time back into your schedule for that beautiful product you grow! 

Happy designing!


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  1. Lizzy says:

    Amy, I am one of those farmer florists who have already invested in your course! For anyone on the fence, just know that the course is well worth the money! It made such a big difference in not only my market bouquets, but my subscription bouquets as well. I wanted my subscription bouquets to be elevated above what I was selling at local markets. Your course also gave me the confidence to take on a few weddings last year and to make my first few cascading bridal bouquets! Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with us!

    • Amy Balsters says:

      Ahhh Lizzy this made my day! Thank you so much for your kind words <3 I'm cheering you on – keep up the good work!

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