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Celebrating A Year of Bouquet Bootcamp Online®

This was a big year and you can see all the amazing events that went down in this recap blog post but today, I am celebrating only of my biggest accomplishments to date…a full year of my Bouquet Bootcamp® Online Course.

Image of back of Amy Balsters, The Floral Coach® holding two red, pink, and white loose and airy hand-tied bouquets

I have traveled throughout the country teaching for several years; setting up in the back of wholesale houses, schlepping buckets through conference halls, packing and unpacking supplies, it’s been wonderful and it’s been A LOT!

I feel so privileged to share my design theory and techniques and watch transformations take place, often right before my eyes! But even as wonderful as in-person classes are, there are always limitations; time, travel, financial limitations, availability, etc. For students of all types, travel isn’t always possible. Some can’t leave their business, day jobs, families, etc. to learn, even if their work would greatly benefit from it. All of these roadblocks are very real and very valid.

I began to envision an accessible, at-your-own-pace course that addressed important foundations of floristry. I knew that a well-constructed online course could create a tremendous impact and help aspiring and experienced designers alike with their design skills. Learning foundational design techniques is a critical skill in selling professional designs, building confidence, and running a more profitable, sustainable business.

Image of a table with flowers laid out ready to build a bouquet. Amy Balsters, The Floral Coach® is teaching.

The hands-on experience will always be impactful and focused on design application but I knew that an online course gave me the opportunity to walk a student systematically through each step and create a more comprehensive breakdown of effective design processes. 

I was committed to making a truly effective course that got students results in their work… PERIOD. And in order to ensure the course was effective, I took a systematic and focused effort. So take a peek behind the curtain to show you how Bouquet Bootcamp Online® was born!

Image of Amy Balsters, The Floral Coach® working with floral tools for ordering

Over 2 years, this process took place:

  1. Researched and sought out education in building an effective online course. 
  2. Documented and broke down my full design process, step by step. Created unique language and examples to explain my techniques.
  3. Evaluated pros and cons of various teaching platforms and payment processors for security and ease of use. 
  4. Produced the content, i.e. filming and editing course content and wrote all supplemental guides, vocabulary PDFs, and course resources. 
  5. Invited designers of all levels of experience and areas of floral interest to beta test the course and provide honest feedback, including AIFD-certified designers and teachers.
  6. Hired an education consultant who specializes in online learning to review the course and offer feedback, and made necessary adjustments. 
  7. Created the website, sales page with copywriting and images and waitlist to prepare for launch! 
  8. Launched to the waitlist and then rolled out the course with great success!

UPDATE: To date, Bouquet Bootcamp Online® has reached over 1000 designers from all walks of life including flower farmers, retail florists, wedding designers, floral enthusiasts, wedding planners, gardeners, hobbyists, and the inspiring stories continue to pour in! 

Hundreds of testimonials have been received with remarkable and often life-changing results. 

Want to hear some real-life stories of impact? Read below!

The Spiral Technique and Improvements to Bouquet Making

“Bouquet making is totally different now! I feel like I have a roadmap and actual principles to guide me. It’s like Amy is sitting on my shoulder, helping me along…”

“I now know about the spiral and that has been very important for me! I loved learning how much can be done with that single technique as far as styles and shapes. It is a building block that I will use from now on which will give me a starting place to feel assured about and then to beautify from there.” 

“Now I know exactly what to do when something about my bouquet doesn’t seem right. I know why it doesn’t look good and I know how to fix it. It’s so easy now!”

“The spiral technique took the guesswork and frustration away. Amy explained things so well and really simplified what I thought was a difficult technique to learn.”

Image off Amy Balsters, The Floral Coach® using a color wheel to teach color theory for floral design

Better Understanding of Color and Design Theory

“…Being a grower and having a ton of flowers at my fingertips. They do not all go together, and creating harmony and unity in a bouquet with colors and shapes was a huge “AHA” moment for me.”

“I feel more confident in how to achieve what I’m aiming for in terms of shape, and I feel better about putting colors together.”

Improvements to Design Speed, Efficiency, and Profitability

“Bouquet handles are easy for me and my brides to hold, my current record is 15 bouquets in 2 hours. I no longer have to order extra products to account for breakage.”

“After taking the course, I order flowers efficiently and cost-effectively based on what I learned about color theory and the Principles of Design. Amy presented it in a practical way that directly impacts how I order and design an arrangement.”

“[Bouquet making] took forever! I would sometimes completely start over and almost always overstuffed! [Now] my bouquets have more movement and I’m much faster!”

It makes me emotional when I read this kind of feedback and almost weekly receive DM’s of successful design stories. I get to see how far-reaching and impactful my course has been to help others gain design confidence, work smarter, deliver professional products, and meet big business goals.

I’m so proud of what I’ve created, and the opportunity to reflect on its impact has been a true gift. The next goal: to reach more designers with impactful floral education that gets results! 

Thank you for being here and celebrating this important milestone. If you have a story of celebration, I would love to hear it. 

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