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Tips for Designing with Red, White, and Blue Flowers

Red, white and blue can be challenging colors to work with in floristry but are often asked for during patriotic events, memorial services, and obviously, 4th of July!🇺🇲

The good news is that reds, whites and blues can be a wonderful inspiration for elevated and sophisticated palettes for all occasion. 

Here are my top TWO tips when working with red, white and blue:

#1: Pay attention to PROPORTION. 

Blue is typically considered a cool color and red is a warm color. So when placed together, they complement each other naturally! 🌶️❄️

When you mix warm and cool flowers, just ensure one of them “wins out.” 

You can use the following ratio:

Consider having 10 percent of one color, 30 percent of a second color and 60 percent of the third color. 

For example, if red is to be the star or most dominant color, make sure 60 percent of the arrangement has red flowers or a red vase, 30 percent is blue and 10 percent is white, etc. If blue needs to be “the star” of the design, swap it out for the red.

By using this ratio, you can ensure a stronger visual balance with a high contrasting palette like red, white and blue. 🎯

Tip #2: Use variations of red, white and blue

Embrace variety and don’t shy away from softer reds, variations of creamy whites and even embrace light blue! 

By choosing a variation of brightness in your flowers — meaning some dull and some more intense — this creates a softer, sophisticated and blended look for all types of events. 

Blue can be a challenge as there are far fewer blue flowers available than most other colors. This led me to create something really useful, my Blue Flower Guide! 

In my Color Theory Confidence Course, I included my exclusive Blue Flower Guide, a reference resource with names and photos of over 50 varieties of natural blue flowers and tinted blue flowers to make your palette building process SO MUCH EASIER! 

This guide, along with all of the jam-packed resources, is available to help you conquer all of your color challenges and make beautiful palettes no matter what holiday, time of year or client request. 

Check out my Color Theory Confidence course, along with the Blue Flower Guide here.

To celebrate the 4th of July, I’ve also gathered some floral inspiration using reds, whites and blues to enjoy! 

Design by Amy Balsters, The Floral Coach®

Want to dive deeper into color with me?

I am also offering a special 4th of July sale for THREE days only on my comprehensive color course for floral designers of all levels! Use CODE: USA to get 20% off and learn all my secrets to great color palettes!

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