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4 Ways to Better Bouquets

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I’m Amy, The Floral Coach

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To help designers confidently create artful, professional, designs profitably and efficiently.

DEsigners Taught


“Amy's spiral bouquet technique has literally cut the time it takes me to create a beautiful bouquet (any style) in half!"


Bouquets used to take way too long. Her lessons have helped not only myself but my entire team. We are absolutely much more efficient and confident since learning from Amy. WELL worth the investment!

Sophie Felts

What the Floral Pros Are Saying

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“I have been in the floral industry for over 30 years and have never seen anyone take the floral design process, simplify, and translate it into step by step instructions as well as she can."


I do not think it is possible to adequately describe what an amazing teacher Amy is. Her design style, mechanics, use of color, texture and line are spot on. And on top of all of it she is a fun, interesting and engaging speaker, by far my favorite floral educator of all time!

Sue Davis

What the Floral Pros Are Saying

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“Her coaching went well beyond the solid foundational principles of design to address the creative road blocks specific to MY process.”

Max Gill Designs

Amy’s approach to floral work is both comprehensive and holistic. I can’t recommend her enough whether you're someone just beginning to explore floral design or a seasoned floral professional, the support and knowledge base she provides is invaluable.

Max Gill

What the Floral Pros Are Saying

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“From educating and teaching, to investing time and energy beyond expectations, Amy’s top priority continues to be helping others in both their professional and personal lives.”


Her ability to relate to others and offer guidance on a variety of topics is both inspiring and helpful, and she continually gives of herself to contribute to others’ success. I am excited to see the long-lasting impacts she makes on the industry.

Ben Glass

What the Floral Pros Are Saying

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“Amy’s educational background and intellectual curiosity about the world of floral design makes her a standout in the world of presenters."


She is an engaging, exciting speaker and gave us an incredible amount of information about her design choices, color palettes and mechanics while making a seasonal floral design that became so much more meaningful than just a beautiful arrangement. We can’t wait to have her back!

Ellen Seagraves

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Build Better Bouquets,
Build a Better floral Business.

In a world of colorful centerpieces, elaborate arrangements, funeral sprays, corsages, wreaths (I could go down the list), why would I choose to focus so much of my training on bouquets?

Simply put: Bouquet-making is a core foundation of floral design.

Once you’re able to quickly select and place individual stems into a workable design using nothing but your hands, you will see the connection between bouquet-making and all other areas of your design work.

It all starts with the bouquet.

Marrying the fundamentals of design with my “new-school” approach, I’ve taught thousands of students across the globe how to build better bouquets, become more efficient in their processes, and create more profit in their businesses.

Mastering bouquets transformed my design process, my confidence, and my business. Now, I’m sharing this process with you!

So why teach a course about bouquets? 

Level Up Your Bouquet-Making Skills and Create More Time & Profit for Your Business

Meet My old-school meets new-school approach to floral design

Learn how Bouquet Bootcamp® Can transform your bouquet-making process!

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Got 4 minutes to spare?

Whether you're a newbie to design or you're a seasoned pro, this self-paced online course covers everything from floral design fundamentals and color theory to design applications. From ordering to packaging, you will have what you need from start to finish for fast, efficient bouquets. Over 6 hours of succinct, impactful training will help you maximize your product and profit and build your design confidence.


From basic to bold, this comprehensive course gives you the tools to create high impact designs using color as your secret ingredient. Color Theory Confidence is designed for floral pros, flower growers, and enthusiasts, to address the unique color challenges we face when working with flowers. Move through common color hang-ups, quickly identify and design with complex color harmonies, and communicate your expertise with confidence.

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Do you want to learn my Spiral Method for a fast, efficient way to Build Better Bouquets™️? If you want to cut straight to my core process and see how I assemble bouquets, from cleaning and preparing your stems to placement and binding techniques, this is the mini-course for you. You'll get my steps for creating lush, airy bouquets of any shape, right away!


“I feel more joyful in doing bouquets now and not as stressed out by taking too much time on just one. ”

new farmer florist
Barb’s Backyard Blooms

My bouquets now have thinner handles and aren’t overstuffed! Love the layering and terracing techniques! As a farmer florist, I’m always worried about not having enough greenery for my designs and with your technique I don’t need as much. I feel more confident to keep going with my dream!❤️

Barb Svoboda

What Bouquet Bootcamp® Students Are Saying

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“Within a few practice sessions I was creating bouquets in minutes.”

Special event Florist
Rose and Laurel

I started this business to provide for my family but also so I'd be able to be at home with my kids during the week. Bouquets were a HUGE stressor for me.

Then came Bouquet Bootcamp® Online! My hand wouldn't spasm anymore, I'd have no broken product, and best of all, my bouquets actually looked better. No crushed flowers, small handles, light for their size. And best of all, I'm done with bouquets before bedtime and actually get to spend time with my husband on a Friday night!

Sarah Bruxvoort 

What Bouquet Bootcamp® Students Are Saying

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"Bouquet Bootcamp® is a rigorous (and fun!) deep-dive into the hows and whys of freeform bouquet design."

Wedding Florist
Violet Floral Designs

Amy generously brings her own wisdom and experiences as a designer, and she recognizes how the pitfalls of self-doubt and impostor syndrome can hurt your process of designing and the enjoyment of your work, and has some really encouraging words to share about resisting those things.

Mallory Wilson

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What Bouquet Bootcamp® Students Are Saying

"Amy's teaching style and techniques translated all the different languages and jargon I had been hearing and getting confused by into a repeatable process."

Retail Florist
Blakemore’s Flowers

Everything changed when I learned Amy’s process. Amy's approach to building a beautiful bouquet solves the design issues before you ever get flowers in your hand. I'm able to successfully create the bouquet I imagined in my head with ease and enjoyment. My bouquets are consistently turning out better than the inspiration pictures!

I started seeing results immediately, not only in my work, but more importantly how I FELT about my work. I stopped comparing and started creating!

Abby Chick

What Bouquet Bootcamp® Students Are Saying

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"The fundamentals that you teach and share are invaluable to aspiring as well as seasoned florists."

Wedding Florists

You truly care about educating our floral community and that says so much about you. Thank you so much.

Winston & Main

What Bouquet Bootcamp® Students Are Saying

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