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Bouquet Courses

My foundational process to making lightweight airy wedding bouquets so you can save time and design with confidence. 

“I have become much more confident with my bouquet skills and feel absolutely energized! Your workshop is an inspiring and encouraging experience, what you teach works.”

Tonya Jones, Wilding Flowers Co 

Calling all florists!

Want to gain speed and skill and make more money designing bridal bouquets? 

Imagine… What if you could…

Take the guesswork out of what types of flowers to order.
Understand how to choose interesting and elevating color palettes.
Eliminate confusing bouquet hacks (let’s face it, you need a way to get repeatable results).
Feel confident with how to design that Pinterest worthy airy bouquet brides are swooning over.
Eliminate overstuffing and over greening… (real talk, it’s a crutch and it’s killin’ your bottom line!)
Create loose and airy bouquets you are dang proud of and are worthy of that overshare!


That's me, Tell me more!

In a perfect scenario, you would waltz into your studio on wedding week and whip together effortless bouquets while sipping (still) hot coffee and be done in time for an actual…ahem sit down dinner. You would leave the bridal suite with a skip in your step knowing you nailed the bouquet and how lucky you are to be a wedding florist.

And cue reality check...

…maybe that’s not happening, just yet.

If anything, bouquet making might give you cold sweats. 
Maybe it’s more like dread to get them started.

Maybe even procrastinating until you are exhausted and then decide to wrestle them late into the night with a shoulder shrug and a “am I cut out for this floral thing” mentality—then collapse into bed. 

It’s not like every bouquet ever has been a struggle, maybe some even felt like you had it down but it’s the ones that don’t come together that shake confidence and beg the question…are you missing something?

If you could just have a way to make the process easier and have more consistent results, you could feel confident no matter what shows up on that Pinterest inspiration board.

It’s easy to feel confused by all the different approaches to bouquet techniques and ideas. It can feel overwhelming. I certainly used to feel that way, like I was just not cool enough, smart enough or talented enough to figure out how to make my bouquets feel light as air rather than a clunky ball with arms….

But you aren’t alone - 
there are answers and I can help!

I’m Amy, The Floral Coach, and I created my Bouquet Courses just for floral designers like you.

I was there years ago, standing in my dimly lit garage studio late at night, wondering if I could ever figure out how to make my darn bridal bouquets look so effortless.

SO, I went back to the basics, applied my foundational knowledge of the principles and elements of design along with core mechanics and cracked the code on loose and airy bouquets - and now I want to show you how!

What’s your learning style?

Online Course

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Hands-on Small Group Workshop

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How to create compelling color harmonies.

Discover a foundational way to build bouquets that works!

Making sure it's beautiful all around, finish strong!

Finishing Touches

How to apply all the principles.

Putting It All Together

Discover a foundational way to build bouquets that works.


It all starts with the stems!

Bouquet Preparation

Let's talk about what to order!

Ordering The Right Ingredients

Color Theory

Let’s get back to basics with the principles of design!

Design Foundations

What you will learn?

Upcoming Bootcamps

2021 Dates coming soon, sign up here to be the first to hear of workshop news!

12:00 pm - 6:30 pm EST

March 27, 2021

Registration closes March 14, 2021

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“Attending Bouquet Bootcamp™ was one of the best investments I have made for my business. Amy’s knowledge and in-depth information were valuable. The lectures were great and I learned way more than I had anticipated. The information and hands-on application were top notch. There are very few bouquet workshops as in-depth and informative as this. Amy was as dedicated to my experience as I was, she is such a kind-hearted leader willing to share her wealth of knowledge through excellent instruction methods and she makes advanced techniques achievable. I am glad I made the decision to travel halfway across the country to attend. I am looking forward to attending another workshop.”

Angela Grandgeorge, Ivy Oaks Floral

“Your Bouquet Bootcamp™ gave me confidence, plain and simple! It keeps reaffirming and teaching the fundamentals that are so critical to bouquet design and keeps me current and fresh with bouquet trends, such as the loose and airy. think your students feel exhilarated after your workshops because what you just taught actually worked and this can be applied over and over again! You take away the ambiguity, occasional questioning, struggles, and self-doubt that often come with bouquet making. I have become much more confident with my bouquet skills and feel absolutely energized! Your workshop is an inspiring and encouraging experience, what you teach works.”

Tonya Jones, Wilding Flowers Co 

“I eagerly awaited my opportunity to learn from Amy, and finally got the chance when she visited LA for the one day Bouquet Bootcamp™. I drove 7 hours south from the Bay Area to attend the class and was NOT disappointed. Amy is such a hands-on teacher. I LOVED the lectures and thought they were super digestible. She taught us how to return to bouquet "basics," but with a twist, and I know it’s going to help the health and profitability of my flowers long term. I am heading into the new wedding season with much more confidence and excitement, thanks to what I learned!” 

Annie Heath, Ida Blooms

“Very informative! I loved that you made me feel comfortable before I even entered the classroom! I appreciated your vulnerability and I think that helps everyone know that many of us have been through some really tough stuff and that you are sympathetic to the negativity we can sometimes listen to in our heads. The best part of the workshop was the mechanics! It was so freeing to put the bouquet down, walk away, come back and pick it up. It gave me the freedom to let the flowers and move and edit as needed. Flowers moving around in bouquets has always driven me crazy and now this will relieve so much stress, thank you for that!!”

Ranee Nash, Flowers by Ranee

“This workshop was such a valuable investment in my career in floral design. As someone who is still gaining experience in the field and never made a bouquet before, I was so thrilled that I walked away feeling proud of my work, thanks to Amy's thorough and incredibly helpful instruction! Amy has an amazing talent for both design and teaching and is so supportive and kind. Everyone else on staff was great, too. The lectures were very thorough, concise, and insightful. Incredibly helpful! I've never had a designer instruct me on techniques with as much care and attention to detail. The whole experience was really fun, and elevates your motivation and appreciation for the theory of design.”

Julia Burdine, Lavieen Tulipe

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