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Hot Tip: Twist and Lift!

Tired of your stems moving around as you try to build bouquets?

They can slip down in the hands, collapse into each other and end up feeling congested and dense.

When you try to make stem adjustments early on in the bouquet, you’ll run into a lot of shifting (and frustration) as you add more and more stems.

Instead, save the majority of the stem adjustments for closer to the end of the bouquet. Get the stems “generally placed” first (any Bouquet Bootcamp® students out there?!) then, go through the bouquet and “Twist & Lift” to create layers and depth.

How to do it: gently lift and twist the stem that needs repositioning. With #cleancleanclean stems, this will be easy to do. 

Twist back and forth to the desired height to create layers and space between flowers..It’s an effective and time-efficient way to Build Better Bouquets™.

Ready to try it 💪🏼? 

Photo by Kate Panza

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