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Hands-On Floral Design Education Coming to A City Near You

Teaching floral design is what fuels me. I love flowers and I love people and in my work, the two go hand in hand. 

For the past several years, I’ve done everything I could to get out in front of as many florists as possible to teach design. I’ve held hands-on workshops, hosted team trainings, and spoke at special events where I could get up close and personal with others like me, who love their work and want to continue to create beauty in the world.

I typically launch my hands-on workshop calendar around this time but this year, I have been behind the scenes, planning something very exciting in lieu of my normal workshop schedule. 

If you haven’t heard, I have partnered with my favorite flower wholesaler and together, we are so thrilled to announce the launch of a national, hands-on 2023 Mayesh Wholesale Design Tour X The Floral Coach®!!! 🙏

Mayesh is passionate about bringing accessible, impactful floral education to their customers and industry which is why we are so well aligned…this is the mission for me as well. So, we have put our heads together and have planned a wonderful event, created to give you a hands-on learning experience that will grow your skills!

The Floral Coach® Amy Balsters teaching at a Hands-On Workshop

The best news…We’re doing it in 11 different cities throughout the US!

With a focus on practical color theory and bouquet techniques (my speciality!), we have designed a high-impact, one-day, hands-on experience to inspire and educate designers of all levels.

This in-person workshop, limited to 20 students per location, is designed to grow your confidence in choosing color palettes and strengthen your skills in creating loose and airy hand-tied bouquets with ease and efficiency.

Created for designers of all levels: the new floral designer wanting training or the seasoned pro looking for inspiration, this workshop will help you:

  • Use color theory to make strategic decisions when building color palettes or solving tough color problems in your work. Great for retail, wedding florists, and even farmer florists!
  • Sharpen your eye to better identify compelling color palettes to set your work apart.
  • Cut the confusing bouquet hacks that can damage your flowers and slow down your workflow.
  • Learn a sustainable, ergonomic approach to bouquet making that protects your body. 
  • Stop the bouquet overstuffing, over-greening, and overworking. 
  • Work quickly and efficiently with a proven design process.

Each attendee gets immediate access to a curated selection of video training from my signature Bouquet Bootcamp® Online Course. This robust prep work will give you an important foundation to apply and practice IN PERSON as the video content complements the hands-on workshop.

Prepare for a beautiful curated, color-filled flower bar of Mayesh’s finest blooms to use for our hands-on color exercises and open studio design time to practice the techniques taught. 

In addition, a professional photographer will be on-site to photograph your work with a headshot—perfect for your portfolio, social media, or your website!

The Floral Coach® Amy Balsters at a Hands-On Floral Design Workshop

As I mentioned, we’re hosting these workshops in 11 different cities, so it’s definitely possible to find one near you!

We’ll take care of everything, just hop in the car or book a short flight and join us! 

And don’t forget, we offer group discounts for three or more to attend. You can reach out to and we’ll get a code to sign up! 

Hope to see you there! 

Here’s the link to sign up.

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  1. I’ve followed you for a long while on Social Media. I have always dreamed of being able to join one of your workshops! Wish you were coming to San Francisco as part of your tour. Hope to join one close to home.

    • Amy Balsters says:

      Hey, Crystal! No San Fran this year, but maybe in the future? Hope you join us in LA or Carlsbad! Thanks for following along <3

  2. Andrea Kitchen says:

    I sooo wish I could be in attendance for the festivities! I simply have way to many financial issues right now. Maybe we’ll meet another time…

    • Amy Balsters says:

      I totally understand! I have lots of free resources as well so I hope that’s a help in the meantime! Definitely hoping we can meet at another time, thanks for following along! <3

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