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One of My Favorite Wholesalers + Their Amazing Free Resources

Ever since I was a young business owner, I’ve loved Mayesh flowers. Through the years, this amazing company has helped me pull together tricky palettes, shipped me last-minute, event-saving flowers to the farthest reaches of the country, and has offered endless inspiration. 

As a florist, our success can be limited or liberated by our suppliers. Few American wholesalers are as reputable or reliable as Mayesh. Mayesh has 20 locations throughout the U.S. and offers shipping to domestic locations, as well as select international services. They are always at the forefront of bringing in trendy, new products on the market and offer one of the widest selections available.

A rainbow of Mayesh flowers at the March 2022 Bouquet Bootcamp® Hands On. Photo by Kata Panza Photography

In addition to superior service and fabulous inventory, they also offer some of the best educational resources for green and experienced designers alike. The Mayesh Blog shows off “Design Stars,” progressive industry professionals who consult about hot design trends and related floral design topics such as freelancing and mindset (wink, wink). The blog also discusses business strategy, industry news, and even design history. They have a yearslong back-catalog of awesome podcast episodes, including their “Mornings with Mayesh” series.

They also have downloadables that are useful to any designer! As I’m planning for upcoming events, I often refer to their Seasonal Availability Guide to double check that the focal flower in my vision will be in season, or to get inspiration for what’s going to be available. Sometimes when I can’t find the perfect rose, I take a look at their Rose Guide to help me make my decision. Their Flower Care & Processing Guide can be a great way to brush up on your own knowledge, or a great hand-out to give to a new shop hand or the occasional helpful friend to get them up to speed, and fast. This guide goes over generalized care, as well as a few different specific care notes (Daffodils, Roses, Anemones, and more).

Mayesh sweet peas, spray roses, anemones, pon pon ranunculi, and poppies at the March 2022 Hands-On Bouquet Bootcamp®. Photo by Kate Panza

On top of these great resources, their sales page, The Flower Library, doubles as one of the most thorough catalogs of available cut flowers. This is by far my favorite way to determine my buys. You can sort by color(s), flower category, and even month to find out what’s available. This allows me to search for what’s available in season, in my palette and helps me visualize how it will look together!

In addition to using the resources, I’ve been honored to be named a 2021 Mayesh “Design Star,” a design educator in the Mayesh Japanese Flower Festival, and most recently, Mayesh partnered with me for my 2022 Hands-On Bouquet Bootcamp®.

One of my bouquets for the Japanese Flower Festival, featuring sweet peas, cosmos, and “Charlotte” ranunculi.
Bouquet Bootcamp® Hands On, Dallas, 2022

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