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How to Overcome Overstuffing Bouquets

It’s tempting to have a “can’t have too much of a good thing” attitude about flowers. More is the quick solution to a happier client, right? Well, I beg to differ.

Overstuffed bouquets are a frequent occurrence in floral design and are a common symptom of insecurity or inexperience. Not sure if the bouquet is good enough? Then add more!

Here's a picture of Amy Balsters holding a bouquet in process

But overstuffing is a big problem. Not only are these bouquets less profitable, they aren’t as pretty! Some bouquets are packed so full, you can’t even distinguish what’s in them. Oftentimes, overfilling a bouquet can lead to damage: broken heads, smooshed blooms, bruised flowers, and reduced airflow. To top it off, these crammed bouquets are heavy, girthy, and uncomfortable to carry.

Want to know how to avoid an overstuffed bouquet? Use. Fewer. Flowers. 

You don’t have to overstuff a bouquet to deliver a beautiful, high-end product. In fact, I challenge you to try making a complete bridal bouquet using HALF the product you normally would, and then only add additional stems if you absolutely must!

Amy Balsters is just adding a finishing touch on a brides pink, purple, and orange bouqet

If you are struggling with this technique, no worries! It’s one of the main focuses of my Bouquet Bootcamp®. I want to help you learn to make bouquets that allow each flower to be seen and appreciated.

A Bouquet Bootcamp® Student is applying the spiral technique to her bouquet

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