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Who would benefit from a Private Workshop?

You may already know that learning in person is your preferred method, but here is an idea of who will benefit the most.

Designers who feel stuck, battle self doubt, and are looking for honest feedback in their design work. 

Designers looking for solid foundational techniques and design principles to understand “the why” behind successful designs.
Designers who want to grow in the loose and airy style of arranging.

Designers looking to build their confidence and speed in design.

Designers with typically a year of hands on floral design experience.

Each session is customized to fit you, your personality, learning style and your design goals. 

Here is the process:

If we're a good fit, we discuss pricing, dates and details. You will receive an emailed contract outlining what will be covered in your workshop.

You will receive an in depth questionnaire prior to the workshop to discuss your challenges.

You will be sent pre-homework before the workshop including design videos to watch beforehand which you will have lifetime access to as a refresher when needed.

The day of your workshop, we will meet at my home studio in Alexandria, Virginia typically from 9:00am-6:00pm. 

During the workshop, we will cover the challenges listed in the questionnaire and do hands on design work together with helpful and honest feedback.

2-4 (1) hour follow up coaching calls are included in private workshops.

Amy is the best teacher I’ve ever experienced and here’s why: She is motivated by passion in her heart and a sincere desire to see her students succeed, not only in design technique but in their mindset. She reaches into those vulnerable places of self doubt and gently contradicts and asks her students to replace negative self talk with self love. 

Sarah Daken, Owner Grateful Gardeners

“Before the 1:1 workshop I was stuck in the cupcake bouquet style/just add more flowers approach. I feel like the connectivity between flowers was something I was really struggling with. The implied line concept has totally solved that mystery!!! I left your sweet home with more confidence in my mechanics, and clarity on what I need to work on. In addition to more confidence, I left valuing the blooms, berries, and foliage that my hands and heart cultivate on my farm, many thanks for that!”

Chelsea Belle Graves, Bee's Wing Farm

“Thorough, holistic, invaluable. During the session, I had so many ah ha moments, incorporating all aspects of life into floral design and business and handling imposter syndrome. I learned confidence in basic design and pricing. Since the 1:1, I have more confidence in creating vase arrangements and spiral bouquets and learning these techniques has given me more confidence in pricing appropriately. I also learned how to use social media and create a mission statement to create a brand that people trust!”

Amy Cordy, Drive By Blooms

“I am completely self-taught so I was lacking a ton of technical skills. Felt very stuck trying to create modern, airy pieces without overstuffing. The lessons in color theory and 3,5,8 have been invaluable not to mention the spiral bouquet has cut my time down immensely and helped me create beautiful artistic bouquets, using less product but looking much fuller, and ultimately creating consistent bouquets. I am able to create much more airy items and I am using a ton of the new products that I discovered during our time together.”

Natallia Francis, The Manor at Airmont


The wonderful aspect of a private workshop is that we fully customize it to meet your goals and needs. Students goals have ranged from bouquets, to centerpieces, large scale design, production and building efficiency and speed, social media strategy and more!

What topics are covered in a 1:1 workshop?

All private workshops are held at my home studio in Alexandria, Virginia.

Where are 1:1 sessions held?

Pricing can vary depending on the needs of each students, let’s jump on a call and see if it’s a good fit and we can customize a plan that works for you and your goals!

What is the price of a 1:1?

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