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Are Floral Arrangement Classes Worth the Investment?

Why You Should Consider Floral Arrangement Classes

When it comes to furthering your craft as a florist, floral arrangement classes can be what takes your skills in floral design to the next level! Whether you’re looking to add an extra edge to your designs or simply expand your understanding of flowers, these classes will be what makes the difference. 

If you’re serious about growing in your craft, I highly recommend taking floral arrangement classes. There are various benefits in taking classes, including growth in areas such as creativity, confidence, and financial return. I’m convinced classes on floral arrangement are one of the best options for any florist and definitely worth the investment.

If you’re ready to begin – read on to discover why these classes are worth the investment!

Foundational Techniques

Taking floral arrangement classes will give you a well-rounded overview of the foundational techniques of floral design. Taking classes will also enable you to develop your eye for bouquets and learn various design styles.

You’ll cover the six basic principles of floral arranging. You will also learn about the different forms and types of flowers to work with. Diving deeper into these in a classroom setting will set you up for success for your future as a florist. With these foundational techniques, you can build balanced designs that captivate the eye and satisfy your client’s floral dreams.  

Professional Guidance 

There is a big difference between online tutorial videos and professional teaching. With a professional teacher comes years of experience and hands-on learning. When it comes to furthering your skills in floral design, taking a floral arrangement class is an optional choice.

With a seasoned florist – you’ll be guided into choosing the best seasonal flowers for your next bouquet. Forget the questioning and the hassle of second-guessing your floral choices. You’ll have access to someone who’s been there before and knows how to show you the way!

Advanced Arranging 

Attending floral arrangement classes will give you the opportunity to learn how to work with more complex level designs and therefore enhance your arrangements. You’ll receive recommendations for the best flowers to use that you might not be able to find out on your own, and receive training in how to place them within your next bouquet!

This is a great way to learn how to do arrangements that you’ve found tricky to tackle such as garlands, installations, crowns, etc. Instruction in advanced arranging techniques will be sure to take your arranging skills to the next level.  

Community of Florists 

Taking floral arrangement classes will place you in an environment of fellow florists who are seeking the same thing as you are – further development in their craft! If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that community will champion you to become the best at your craft that you can possibly be!

You’ll be introduced to people who are passionate about the same thing as you are. Aside from that, you will grow in connection as you work alongside each other. More importantly, you might even get some new inspiration from their style of work while in a class setting. 

Floral Arrangement Classes Pays Off in the Long Run

When it comes to these classes, insight, tips, and training in how to purchase the right equipment, flowers, and accessories for your work will be provided to you. The guidance you’ll be given in these classes will allow you to become more confident in your decisions. 

Instead of guessing on your own which flowers you should choose, what shops you should visit, how much you should spend, you’ll be assured of these choices due to your training in floral classes. In the long run, attending classes will save you the time, energy, and effort you would have spent on your own guessing what and how much to buy, and replace it with certainty in your choices. This is a great investment into your future as a floral designer!

Floral Arrangement Classes Inspire Greater Creativity

If you’re feeling stuck at the level of knowledge you have in floral arranging, taking classes will help you get out of a rut. With a new rush of information and technique in floral design, taking arrangement classes will be sure to inspire you with fresh ideas. 

Participating in classes will inspire you to learn new techniques and new ways of developing your craft! Opportunities to try different styles of floral arranging will be presented to you. Furthermore, you are giving yourself a chance to grow in your approach to floral design. 

If you’re looking for more tips to inspire greater creativity in floral arranging, check out my post How to Overcome Creative Block as a Floral Designer

Floral Arrangement Classes + Price Points 

If you’re wondering how to price your floral arrangements, most floral classes will teach you how to market and sell your work at the appropriate price.

Floral classes touch on basic business and marketing principles so you can learn how to distribute your lovely arrangements. Learning how to market your floral arrangements is a great way to establish yourself as a florist. Plus, you are providing yourself with the necessary means to further your craft! 

Floral Arrangement Classes Are Worth the Investment 

With all these benefits in mind – I’m sure you can see why floral arrangement classes are worth their weight. When it comes to challenging yourself to grow and hone your skills in floral design, arrangement classes are the way to go!

Arrangement classes offer foundational techniques, professional guidance. Among the other benefits are advanced training in creating arrangements, a like-minded community, pricing guides, greater creativity, and long-term saving benefits. For a developing florist – what could be better?

Taking arrangement classes will boost your confidence in floral design. It will also provide you with the opportunity to see just how much you can do when it comes to arranging.

Now that you’re ready to begin taking classes, be sure to check out my blog for more helpful information on how to choose the right floral design class for you. I offer a Live Bootcamp workshop as well for those who are interested in online classes. Thanks for reading and as always, happy designing friends!

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