Amy Nicole from The Floral Coach crafts a floral arrangement using line flowers in a glass vase

The Most Popular Line Flowers to Use in 2021

21 Breathtaking Line Flowers to Use in 2021 

When it comes to floral arrangements in 2021, line flowers are some of the most captivating flowers to work with! In this post I’ll share with you 21 of the most popular line flowers to consider for your next bouquet. I’m convinced using these flowers will leave you feeling refreshed and even more inspired to try new designs in floral arranging. Let’s begin!  

What Are Line Flowers? 

Line flowers make up one of the four main flower types – with the remaining three being mass, form, and filler flowers. Line flowers are pretty tall and usually have buds blooming along their stems. They are a fantastic tool when it comes to enhancing dimension in any arrangement!

Amy Nicole making a floral arrangement with line flowers

Line flowers are also used to add height and width to a floral design. They help to create a sense of proportion and define the overall shape of a design. 

As the name suggests – line flowers create a line that serves as a guide for floral arranging and a path for the eye to follow. 

The Most Popular Line Flowers of 2021 

1. Gladiolus 

Otherwise known as the ‘Sword Lily’ this line flower stands apart from the crowd with its bright color scheme of light reds, bright pinks, flashing yellows, deep purples, and soft whites. It takes full sunlight and about 70 to 90 days to blossom!

Pink and yellow Gladiolus or Sword Lily flower in a garden

2. Liatris

This line flower is also called the ‘GayFeather’ – mainly due to its stalkless flower heads that give the appearance of multiple feathers. It has a light purple color and rather narrow head. 

Close-up top view of a purple liatris flower, also referred to GayFeather, resembling thistles from the aster family

3. Snapdragon

Perhaps one of the most interesting names a line flower could ever receive is the snapdragon. This flower gets its name from the resemblance it shares with the face of a dragon. With its bright colors, the snapdragon is definitely a line flower that doesn’t disappoint in the area of fun and creativity!

Snapdragon flowers (Antirrhinum) in the garden

4. Delphinium

One of the prettiest line flowers to use by far is delphinium. This flower just radiates beauty with its mesmerizing blueish-purple hues and towering petals perfectly stacked on one another. Delphinium is a definite line flower that’s worth using over and over again!   

Delphinium flower with blueish-purple hues and towering petals perfectly stacked on one another.

5. Tuberose

With extracts that are used for perfume, this sweet line flower is a sure attention grabber for any future floral arrangement. Its petals are white and unique with a strong form – perfect for an eye-catching floral design. 

Close up of a set of white tuberose flowers

6. Veronica

This line flower is a beautiful shade of purple with an ombre tip of green. It’s commonly known as ‘Speedwell’. With its long spikes and enchanting appearance, it would be a striking addition to any floral piece!

Closeup view of Veronica or SpeedWell flowers in a floral arrangement

7. Curly Willow

Perhaps one of the most magical line flowers to date is the curly willow. I absolutely love this flower and I love to utilize it when I create dramatic and more whimsical arrangements. It is the ideal line flower for when you need that extra eye-catching spark!

Curly willows in an arrangement with sunflowers on porch

8. Bells-of-Ireland

Bells-of-Ireland is a famous line flower that is used for designing and decorating many floral arrangements. This flower is bright green and every bit true to its name. With buds that blossom into bells – it is a strikingly unusual line flower.

Close up of Bells of Ireland inflorescence in summer

9. Stock

This romantic flower is absolutely breathtaking and unique in its design. With petals that look like clouds – it’s the perfect flower to add both height and width to any floral arrangement. It can grow up to 3 feet and 1-2 feet wide and is the definition of whimsical. 

White stocks placed in a white vase with a black handle

10. Lupine

Similar to Veronica – Lupine has a captivating purple hue and green tip. However, rather than growing up in spikes like Veronica, Lupine bursts into many smaller and softer petals. This delicate flower is an eye catching choice to use for your next floral arrangement.

Purple lupines in a garden

11. Orchids

With blooms that are often vibrant and full of color, Orchids make up 1 of the 2 largest groups of flowering plants. They can last up to 12 weeks and are spectacular to look at. If you’re wanting to make a floral statement and add shape to your work – orchids are the way to go!

White orchids casting a shadow against a white wall

12. Pussywillow

This light and airy winter flower gets its name from the cat-like feel of its tufts. Right before it blooms, the soft and silver hairs of its tips work to protect the plant from the harsh temperatures of the cold. When it blooms, it doesn’t lose its cat-like appearance. Instead, it sprouts out with tiny individual steams. Pussywillow is definitely one of the most fascinating flowers to work with!

Close up of white pussywillow flowers

13. Cattail

Cattails are most commonly seen around bodies of water like the ocean or lakes. I’m sure you’ve seen them in pictures or during your latest visit to the beach! They have long leaves that grow upwards vertically and a brown sponge-like substance towards the end of its spike. Several parts of cattails are edible throughout its process of development.

Cattails are a great choice for both spring and autumn arrangements as they add a certain youthful spark to any design!     

Floral arrangement with cattail plant (Acorus calamus), roses and freesias.

14. Scotch Broom

Scotch Broom flowers can be best described as bells of sunshine. This line flower refreshes both the eyes and the heart! Aside from being part of a beautiful bouquet, it’s also used in medicine to help with irregular heartbeat and low blood pressure. 

Yellow scotch broom plant in bloom

15. Kangaroo Paw

I absolutely love this flower. It is one of the most unique plants to consider using. With bright sparks of yellow and orange, and stems that break into paws like a kangaroo – this flower is sure to be a showstopper in your next design!  

Decorative West Australian wildflower, yellow Kangaroo Paw, blooming in full splendor

16. Birds of Paradise

Birds of paradise get their names from the actual birds of paradise whose feathers are a combination of neon blues, dazzling oranges, and bright reds. Much like these birds, the birds of paradise flower is a mesmerizing plant. With its sharp stems that resemble a bird’s beak and petals that look similar to outstretched wings, it’s definitely a flower that doesn’t disappoint. 

Birds of Paradise flower with green leaves in the background

17. Alpinia Red Ginger

Alpinia red ginger is an exotic flower that produces a fuchsia, red color. It’s petals are captivating and it grows into a cylinder shape with the addition of a pointed end.    

Alpinia red ginger floral arrangement

18. Heliconia

If you’re looking for an eccentric flower that not only adds dimension to your arrangement, but striking visuals as well – then heliconia is the ideal choice! This radiant flower gives the appearance of fire on its leaves and grows into what is sometimes called “lobster claws” because of its beak-like shape. 

Close up shot of Heliconia flower

19. Queen Anne’s Lace 

A delicate flower made up of whimsical white bunches grown against thin green stems – Queen Anne’s Lace is the classic line flower to use for any floral arrangement. It gives a refreshing appearance and is named for its resemblance to lace.    

Queen Anne's lace line flower in the forest

20. Wax Flower 

The perfect wildflower, this flowering shrub has many blooms on each stem. Wax flowers are able to last for three weeks! They come in multiple shades of faded pink, white, and cream. 

Pink chamelaucium (wax flower) on wooden background

21. Gomphrena 

This round-shaped flower is a spunky option to choose from when it comes to line flowers. With purple petals and spiky ends, Gomphrena is absolutely stunning.

White and purple Gomphrena flowers in the garden

The Best Line Flowers to Use in 2021

There you have 21 best line flowers to use in 2021. With these captivating flowers, you’ll be sure to add new levels of depth and dimensions to your arrangements! Have fun working with these lovely flowers and happy creating!

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