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The Different Types of Filler Flowers by Color

Hi Friends! I’ve created this guide of organized filler flowers to inspire you to add some color to your work! With this list, you’ll be sure to have a better understanding of the different types of fillers and what colors suit your arrangements best. Before we dive into this vibrant guide – let’s review the basics! 

What Are Filler Flowers? 

Filler flowers are the central framework of any good floral arrangement. Fillers provide volume, structure, and coverage. They often have groups of smaller flowers on a single stem. Much like form flowers – filler flowers are used to center an arrangement and provide shape to a bouquet. 

White Filler Flowers

1. Baby’s Breath

Number one among filler flowers and found in Africa, Australia, Eurasia, and the Pacific Islands is this whimsical flower. A mix of rich greens and bright whites – baby’s breath is one of the most precious fillers to use! 

Close up image of baby's breath, a filler flower

2. Queen Anne’s Lace

These filler flowers have got plenty of personality. They are wildflowers with flattened tops made up of small white flowers and when they’re crushed – they smell like carrots.

Image of Queen Anne's lace as a filler flower

3. Mrs. Burns Lemon Basil 

This is a unique filler for multiple reasons: because of its citrus-like smell and its incredible name! If you’re looking for a dainty filler flower, Mrs. Burns Lemon Basil is the way to go. 

Mrs. Burns Lemon Basil filler flower
fresh lemon basil on the table, food closeup

4. Ammi

These beauties are the definition of elegance in a flower. With stunning white petals and delicate stems – ammi is the perfect filler flower for any occasion.

Ammi filler flower

5. Lily of the Valley 

A spring flower whose name speaks for itself – the lily of the valley is an extraordinary sight to behold. With its bell-like flowers and sweet scent – this magical woodland plant is a go-to for any spring occasion! 

Lily of the Valley sits in a small jar

6. Spirea 

Known as ‘meadowsweets’, Spirea is breathtaking. It’s often been said that this flower looks like a set of white umbrellas!

White Spirea filler flower

7. Garden Mignonette

This dreamy flower is famous for its delicate cream colors and strong fragrance.  

A bunch of Garden Mignonette rest in a field

8. Wax Flowers 

Now these are fun. You might be wondering where the name ‘Wax’ comes from. Wax flowers get their name from the waxy feel of their petals and they are some of the most common accent flowers for corsages and bouquets!

Purple wax flowers rest on a white table next to a white coffee cup

Purple Filler Flowers

Plume Astilbe

This flower is definitely striking! With beautiful green leaves, plume purple petals, and a feathery appearance – astilbe is a stunning choice for a filler flower.

purple Plume Astilbe filler flower

10. Statice

Otherwise known as the ‘Sea Lavender’ – this romantic flower has a long stem that holds delicate purple bundles.

A field of purple, pink, white, and yellow Statice; a filler flower

11. Heathers 

Heathers are evergreen shrubs that bloom from July to September. With their unusual shade of light purple – heathers are the ideal choice for any late summer occasion.

Heather filler flowers

12. Liatris 

I just love these flowers – they are so unique! They have long spiky flowers that grow up beyond the stem. If you’re looking for a statement filler flower – this is it.

close up of a purple liatris, a filler flower

13. Astrantia 

Otherwise known as ‘masterworts’ – These flowers are known for their captivating petals. They are absolutely breathtaking and their petals are a wonderful mix of triangular and circular shapes.

Astrantia filler flower

14. Agapanthus 

I think Agapanthus is one of the cutest filler flowers. They’ve got such a precious appearance! They have sweet purple flowers that fan outwards into a dainty circle. 

Agapanthus stand tall in a field

Green Filler Flowers 

15. Fiddlehead ferns

Fiddlehead ferns are one of the most captivating flowers I’ve yet to see. With stems that curl all the way into themselves, these ferns are perfect for fun floral statements! 

Close up of a filler flower, fiddlehead fern, in a garden

16. Myrtle 

Here’s a fun fact about this leafy green plant – it can grow up to around 15 feet tall. 

3 branches of Myrtle leaves lay on a white table cloth

17. Variegated Pittosporum 

Otherwise known as ‘Variegated Japanese Mock Orange’ – this filler has beautiful small white flowers that blossom with a citrus smell in the Spring. 

A Variegated Pittosporum rests in a gray pot

18. Nichol’s Willow

I absolutely love the look of Nichol’s willow. With its wispy stems – it makes for a magical filler flower. 

filler flower, Draping Nichol’s willow leaves
Eucalyptus nicholii greens

19. Bells of Ireland 

If you’re wanting to see the closest thing to an underwater flower – the Bells of Ireland is it! With buds that resemble an octopus’ tentacle – these bells are absolutely breathtaking.

Close up of Bells of Ireland inflorescence in summer

20. Sword Fern

There is nothing quite like the look of the sword fern flower. This lush filler flower is captivating not only to the eyes but also to the touch. With sharp sword-like leaves – the sword fern is a great choice for any bouquet.

A hand holds up a stem of Sword Fern, a filler flower

Yellow Filler Flowers 

21. Ginestas 

Ginestas have a bright yellow hue and petals that open up in clusters. When these flowers bloom they are famous for their pleasant fragrance.

Yellow Ginestas filler flowers

 22. Dill

Dill blooms during mid-summer and its leaves and seeds are edible! Its flowers bunch together at the top of the stem to create a beautiful array of yellow.  

A field of dill filler flowers

23. Craspedia Billy Balls

These little bundles of sunshine are definitely some of the most unusual filler flowers. Their long, tall stems erupt into multiple yellow flowers.

craspedia billy balls filler flowers
The quirky, spherical bunch of flower heads of Craspedia globosa in mustard-yellow color, looks like ping-pong balls on upright silvery stem. Trendy dried flowers for home decor

Red Filler Flowers 

24. Red Berry Sprays

Commonly used in holiday arrangements, red berry sprays are a wonderful pop of color for any bouquet! These flowers are great for texture and red aesthetic! 

Red Berry Sprays filler flowers

25. Red Statice

Red statice flowers are darling. They grow on top of long, thin stems and bloom in clusters.

Statice filler flowers

26. Hypericum Fire Flair

These fillers are great to use because of their texture. Their romantic buds create a dynamic visual for any floral arrangement.

Hypericum Fire Flair filler flowers

27. Red Alstroemeria 

These flowers can last up to 2 weeks and are famous for their ruby red color.

A closeup shot of a beautifully blossomed filler flower, red alstroemeria in a garden

Blue Filler Flowers 

28. Delphinium 

This beautiful flower stands apart from the crowd with its bright blue colors and vertical petals. 

Delphinium stands tall in a garden

29. Eryngium 

Often referred to as a blue ‘sea holly’ – this flower has a spiky centerpiece and is surrounded by multiple sharp-looking petals.

Eryngium filler flower

30. Cornflower

With their hairy stems and fringed petals – cornflowers are one of the most popular wildflowers to choose from.

A cornflower rests against a white backdrop

31. Hyacinthus

Hyacinthus have tall spikes on which single, double, or multiple flowers can bloom. The juice that Hyacinthus produces can even be used as glue!

A bunch of blue Hyacinthus in a garden

Pink Filler Flowers 

32. Diosma

This fun flower is known for its confetti-like appearance! Its petals erupt into tiny bursts of light pink and its leaves are a vivid green.

Diosma filler flowers
Confetti bush lilac flower, California USA. Coleonema pulchellum, buchu diosma springtime bloom. Home gardening, american decorative ornamental houseplant. Spring blossom natural botanical atmosphere.

33. Eupatorium

Eupatorium bears low clusters of sweet pink flowers. This fluffy plant is perfect for any romantic occasion!

Eupatorium filler flowers
Eupatorium cannabinum inflorescence heads closeup

The Different Types of Filler Flowers

Now that you’ve read up on 33 colorful flower fillers – you’re ready to utilize them in your next floral arrangement. For some pro tips on floral arranging, be sure to check out my post, 6 Basic Rules of Flower Arranging. Have fun adding these eye-catching filler flowers to your work!

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