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Floral Design Classes: How to Choose the Right Class For You

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Whether you’re wanting to become a full-time florist or kick-start your career, floral design classes are a great way to expand your art form and celebrate creativity with flowers! 

When it comes to floral design classes, there are plenty of petals to pick from. How to know which floral design class suits you best? For those of us who are passionate about flowers, and as a lover of them myself for nearly two decades, I’ve designed this blog post to help you find that perfect floral design class. My hope is to guide you to the class that will stretch, teach, and encourage you as you grow into the florist you’ve always dreamed to be!

What You Need to Know about Floral Design Classes

Floral design classes are intended to advance florists in their skills. They are a great tool when it comes to developing new areas of strength in designing, displaying, and creating floral arrangements. Most floral design classes are set up to highlight individual aspects of floral design that will better equip artists to showcase their natural love and talent for flowers.

Your Level of Understanding Will Help You Choose the Right Floral Class

Based on your experience, you can determine what level of understanding you currently have and therefore where you can grow when it comes to floral design. Depending on where you want to grow, the right floral design class will be highlighted as the choice for you. My goal in this post is to help get you there.

For some, the basics of floral design are fairly new. For others, they are second nature. No matter where you stand on the scale, it’s never too late to grow, grow, grow! A good florist is always learning, always rearranging, always designing anew.

The 6 Basic Principles of Floral Design

To better help you gauge where you stand on the spectrum of understanding floral design and which floral design classes you might be interested in, I’ve included the 6 basic principles of floral design below:

  1. Balance
  2. Dominance
  3. Contrast
  4. Rhythm
  5. Proportion
  6. Scale

If you are unfamiliar with one or all of these basic principles, don’t be discouraged. This helps you understand what you should be looking for when choosing between floral design classes. If you are familiar with these 6 principles, good for you! Let this be an indication to begin the search for something more advanced.

An image of floral arranging items scattered on a table.

Online or In-Person Floral Design Class?

Now that you’ve determined the level of understanding you already have (and therefore the possible focus of your floral design class), it’s time to decide if an online or in-person option is best for you. Both options come with fantastic benefits, so whichever you decide, it’s a win-win.

In Person Option

For those who have the availability and desire to meet in person, here are some tips when it comes to choosing between floral design classes.

Don’t fear on-the-job training. Look for a local florist that may offer training, apprenticeships, hire, etc. It’s an excellent way to grow and connect in floral design with people who have paved the way in innovation, reputation, and service. A lot of hands-on growth can occur when you’re right in the thick of the hustle and bustle of a local flower shop. What a fun classroom setting!

Workshops, they work! Keep your eyes out for workshops that may be hosting floral design classes near you. Workshops are a great way to get different flavors of floral design from traveling florists or from long-time local florists.

As a florist myself, I offer two different hands-on workshops for those who value in-person training: Bouquet Bootcamp LIVE and Private Custom One on One Workshop.

Bouquet Bootcamp

My Bouquet BootCamp includes an in-depth presentation of my foundational bouquet-making process where you will learn the core techniques for successful hand-tied bouquets. All students will have the opportunity to make two bouquets; hand-tied free form style and hand-tied cascade. This workshop offers the coverage of 3 key topics with guaranteed feedback including how to:

  • choose ingredients 
  • create balanced color harmonies 
  • use line and form to create bridal bouquets

Private Custom One on One

I also offer custom 1:1 workshops held at my home studio located in Alexandria, Virginia. Each session is tailor-made to meet your personal goals and needs. During a custom 1:1, we will do hands-on design work together from (typically) 9:00-6:00 pm with honest feedback and plenty of opportunities for you to gain confidence in your design work throughout the session. 

Behind the scenes image of a camera capturing Amy Balsters as she arranges floral arrangements during her floral design classes.

Online Option

For those who would like ongoing or virtually scheduled floral design classes, online courses are a must!

Online floral design classes are practical when it comes to time management and (virtual) ‘travel’.

A tip when it comes to choosing online floral design classes: you’ll want to make sure you do some research to confirm the florists you’re taking classes from are accredited and/or know what they’re talking about!

As previously mentioned, alongside my in-person workshops I also offer an online workshop in partnership with Sweet Root Village. Focusing on both profitable business practices and foundational floral design principles, we teach our “The Workshop: Pricing and Design” curriculum in a 2-day session. 

The Workshop: Pricing and Design 

The workshop will train and lead you in various areas of floral design work including company growth. With over 5 hours worth of content, “The Workshop: Pricing and Design” is an online floral education that will be sure to leave you enlightened, energized and efficient in future floral design.

Test Run for Floral Design Classes

If you come upon an instructor or a class that you’re interested in but hesitate due to funds, never underestimate the power of YouTube.

Plenty of instructors and florists offer content in the form of classes and teachings on YouTube without any cost. What a treat! This is a great way to sample and test what an instructor may be like before you consider registering for a potential class with them. I, for one, post multiple exercises to demonstrate tips and tricks to any possible clients that might be interested in learning more!

Final Thoughts

I hope now you feel more confident when it comes to choosing between floral design classes. Hopefully, these tips will guide you to select the perfect class that will push you, encourage you, and stretch you to be all that you can be when it comes to floral designing.

If you have questions and would like to reach out to me, you can at my website. Have fun choosing, exploring, and growing as you select the right class for your craft!

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