I teach floral designers how to create nature inspired designs with confidence and efficiency so they can work smarter and not harder!


Ready to create light and airy bridal bouquets with efficiency and confidence in an intimate, hands on setting? Learn my foundational framework to help you design smarter, not harder. Quit overstuffing and overworking your bouquets by learning design theory, technique, and applying the principles and elements of design to help you save time, money and sanity! Click below to learn how you can #buildbetterbouquets!

Bouquet Bootcamp™️ LIVE

Design light and airy arrangements easier with my Favorite Flowers List.

Get my list of favorite flowers you can start using for inspiration right now!

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    As florists, we wear a lot of hats! In partnership with Sweet Root Village, we'll be diving deep into the businesses of a handful of florists. If you want to streamline your work, create systems and processes for your business and design, market like a pro, and make a living doing what you absolutely do best, this is for you.

    The Workshop: A Floral Business & Design Experience

    Bridal Bouquet Course

    Struggle with bridal bouquets? I’ve been there, I get it and I can help! Learn my in-depth, practical bouquet approach to help you master that loose and airy look that brides are asking for. Coming soon!

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    One-on-One Workshops

    Do you learn best hands on, in person, in real life (IRL)? I get it! Let’s spend some dedicated, focused time together digging into your unique challenges in business and design so you can feel equipped and ready to work smarter and more strategically towards your goals.

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    “Amy’s approach to floral work is both comprehensive and holistic. Her coaching went well beyond the solid foundational principles of design to address the creative road blocks specific to MY process. Our session felt tailored to my needs. I can’t recommend her enough whether you are someone just beginning to explore floral design or a seasoned floral professional, the support and knowledge base she provides is invaluable.”

    Max Gill, Max Gill Designs

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    Learn my in-depth, practical bouquet approach to help you master that loose and airy look that brides are asking for.

    Bouquet Courses Coming Soon!